Teleconference Public Meeting – Best Practices

Teleconference Planning – Meeting Clerk Role

  • Contact the Sacramento County Clerk of the Board Office at (916) 874-5411 or for guidance and assistance with setting up a teleconference meeting, user training for BlueJeans technology, and reserving the Chambers.
  • Conduct a test meeting with the Chairperson and key staff prior to the meeting date.  When practical invite all members of the board or commission for optimal meeting outcomes.
  • Provide meeting procedures and all support material to all participants prior to the meeting.
  • Provide a meeting script to the Chairperson, Executive Director, and key staff prior to the meeting.
  • Provide a communication plan to the Chairperson and key staff that outlines how the Chairperson will communicate with the Clerk, Executive Director, board members, presenters and members of the public.
  • Encourage participants to connect early to the meeting.

Teleconference Set Up – Meeting Clerk Role

  • Appoint moderators (more than one when applicable) such as the Chairperson, Clerk and key staff to assist with key meeting management functions (mic management, public comments, technical support, presentation operator, etc.).
  • Appoint a support person (moderator) to assist with meeting login and technical issues. This role also makes modifications in the BlueJeans system such as removing personal phone numbers or contact information when applicable.
  • Provide technical support contact information to all Board members prior to the meeting.
  • Appoint a staff person (presenter) to manage meeting presentations from a single screen. Request presentations in advance of the meeting and refer to Presentation and Power Point Guidelines for optimal display. 
  • Appoint a staff person to manage distribution of public comments (email) to all board members, and including the meeting record and online publishing.
  • Create BlueJeans​ meeting invitations in advance of the meeting. Meeting invitations contain unique access information for each role (moderator, presenter and attendee).
  • Include public meeting (attendee) meeting access information such as the live stream audio link and dial-in information on the meeting agenda notice, including how to obtain meeting material and make a public comment.

Conducting the Meeting – Chairperson Role

  • Read meeting script advising public of teleconference meeting protocols, closed public attendance and electronic public comment process.
  • Review meeting order and procedures with members of the Board relative to making a motion and second and voting procedures (i.e., vote by roll call).
  • Set ground rules for managing requests to speak from Board members.
  • Start on time delaying no more than five minutes to avoid interruptions.

Preparing Equipment & Joining the Call – Board Member Role

  • Test your connection and call features prior to the live call (personal computer, laptop, cell phone, mobile devices, or landline).
  • Plan to use a landline telephone when calling in to ensure good quality if possible.
  • Use a headset or earbuds with a microphone if you plan to use a VoIP connection or cell phone and test it prior to the call.
  • Limit as much background noise as possible.
  • Mute your connection when not speaking if possible.
  • Do not use the speakerphone to avoid echoes and clarity challenges.
  • Have a backup method to connect to the call.
  • ​Contact the Clerk's Office for assistance at (916) 874-5411 or